Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bunting & a weird kinda day!

Do you ever have days when you just feel thick? Or is that just me? Been reading some uncrafty blogs, and they've made feel completely blonde and useless. Pretentious language, in your face opinions and a general superiority complex seems to be theme. I may not use big words, I may not have a uni degree, a 50k a year job and a company car, but I do believe in fairness, and caring, and trying to make people feel good about themselves rather than making them doubt themselves, and not ramming my opinion down people's throat (although ironically I might be doing that just now!) Are all these things old fashioned now? Ok sorry, I think I am ranting. Will stick to crafty blogs from now on!!!

Here's a wee bunting I made for a custom order to hopefully lighten the mood! Remember these can be any colours...

The letters are all about 6".

Don't forget the Humphrey candy from a couple of days ago if you haven't already entered!

I'm off to cut some card for big snowflakes at tomorrow night's class!

Take care and keep smiling !



Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Gorgeous bunting, love the colours, and I have to say I agree with you there is no need for people to be that way, I hope you didn't let them bring you down
Lindsay xx

Dawn said...

Your bunting is lovely! Have fun with the snowflakes!
Dawn xx

kayc said...

Looking forward to making snowflakes. Kathleen x