Monday, 10 February 2014

Secrets & A Catch Up

At the moment I am working on a few secret projects that I can't share yet which means I am going to use the time to blog some "oldies but goodies" if that's ok with you all!

Here's a wedding card from a couple of years ago which can be adapted to match the wedding colours and would also work for engagements, wedding anniversaries or even as a special valentine's cards.  I love doing personalised things, it's just the extra touch to make a card extra special...


I also managed to get some wooden 15mm buttons listed today - it's always a race against time to get the photo's taken while there is some decent light.  They are listed here in the bargain £1 bag buttons.  I use these all the time, I love them.  I love that you can use the patterns, or they are plain wood on the back meaning you can keep them natural or paint them to match your project - I have even used my pro-markers on them.  Here's a sneak peak...

 Daisy had me trailing round the shops this morning looking for the PERFECT gift for her boyfriend (ahhhhhh young love lol) so I am completely worn out tonight and going to head for an early night!

Thanks again for looking!

Keep smiling,
Ruth xx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Extremely Well Fed!

Well, what can I say, knackered and at least a dress size bigger I think pretty much sums up our Saturday night!

We were invited to not one but 2, yes count them, 2, foody launches last night, and, quite frankly, it would have been rude not to.

We started our evening at the brilliant No 71 Coffee House & Bistro .  Well I have my own very selfish reasons to be very excited about this's about a 2 minute walk from my house, has a brilliant coffee machine, even better food offerings and a wi-fi connection meaning my computer based "work from home" work life is going to be transformed!  It's fairly safe to say that a good whack of my on-line Faiy Heaven happenings will be happening from here from now on!

Last night was a wee limited taster menu of Chilli Nachos, Chilli Hot Dogs and Pulled Pork & Coleslaw yummy!  Robbie makes the most amazing chilli and it was just as good as ever!
Also on a wee side note I think this place would be amazing for small parties - you know like the well behaved Hen Nights the mums and grannies come to, or 30th's, 40th's, engagements, divorces etc etc etc etc!  It's cosy perfection!

Our next stop was to meet the beautiful Amelie at Resonate in Alloa.  Amelie is the newest addition to the Allo Alloa family - one of my most favouritest families ever!  They are some of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet, and Amelie would be a great addition to any of your functions...look, isn't she gorgeous...

She is quite possibly the loveliest little outside catering van ever, and she came all the way from Alloa's twin town in France (I love that, I think it's so cool!).  I will let the pictures of the launch info boards tell you the story as they can tell it so much better than I can...

 Now Allo Alloa has a tag line which is "Food With Thought" and how is this for food with thought...the menu for the evening was Ratatoille from Amelie's home town and Stovies from her new home...genius  (this pic even has the authenic food drips!)

A brilliant time was had by all and I can't wait to see Amelie out and about - I am tempted to have some sort of event just so she can come along and we can see her in action!  Watch for her around, give her a beep and a wave and make her smile!

In other news I don't think I have ever worn a dress that was so widely admired by young and not so young alike so I thought I would share.  It was from the fabulous Lady V London, my favourite dress website of the moment!  Great prices, gorgeous clothes and fantastic service, what more could a girl want? (except shoes of course, but I hope that goes without saying ;-) )

If only my waist looked as small!!!!!

Back to crafy news, I am in the process of uploading the £1 Bargain Buttons folder which you will find on my facebook page - it should be done by the end of today and here is sneak peak.  There's even a multi buy making them even more of a bargain!

Right that's me for today - I have some bunting to be made so I am away to be productive!

Have a fabulous day everyone!  'Til Soon, keep smiling

Ruth xx

Friday, 7 February 2014

It's A New Year!

Hi all - well I can't believe we're in to February 2014 already...where is the time going?  

I discovered that the post I spent ages researching and writing about my favourite Christmas digi's didn't publish...sorry about that people - guess I didn't press the all important button!

I've had a busy few weeks with some time away for my baby girls 11th birthday (11, seriously, how did that happen?).  We headed for a couple of days by the sea...judging by this happy smiling face I think she may just have enjoyed it!  Big crashy waves, log fires and hot chips - medicine for the soul.

I also had a wee pinterest "saw it, made it" moment with her turned out pretty well although it is harder than you would think to get chocolate fingers to stand up and stick.  Also had a wee bit of a moment in the supermarket buying all the chocolate - could see the business man in front of me looking at all my stuff on the conveyor and laughing away while I'm standing telling him "I'm not a chocaholic honest, I'm making a cake", good thing I am not easily embarrassed.  The best part of all was the squeals of "Mum, that's totally awesome" from the birthday girl herself, and it even elicited an "oh wow" from my Dad which is high praise indeed...

And now for some craftiness...I have finally got my act together and added a "Buy Me Now" folder to my facebook page here  .  This is (I hope) permanently pinned to the top of the page, has prices and contains all my pre-made stock.  At the moment it is filled with notelets, bookmarks, C6 & square cards, and of course some fairies too.  Here's a wee taster...

I will be adding to this as I go along, so keep your eyes peeled there as well as here.  At the moment I don;t have enough hours in the day for all the new designs winging around my head!

That's me for tonight...I need my beauty sleep ready to attend a couple of exciting events tomorrow...I will take lots of pics and share (if you like your food then trust me, these are not to be missed!)

Thanks for looking, 

Keep smiling

Ruth xx