Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Something Different!

Morning all!  What a crazy few weeks!  Have started at GAP and I am absolutely loving it - the clothes are so fresh and colourful, the team is amazing and it is so busy - a bit of a change to say the least!  Have even gotten used to the long days - although it's taking Daisy a wee bit longer to adjust!  Busy in the studio too, with lots of wedding creations on the go (although you won't be seeing any of those for a wee while yet!)

So mother's day crept up on me this year and I thought we would try something a bit different - I had some Amy Butler fabric left over from my quilt, and a pile of felt that I found in the cupboard so I thought I would give some brooches a go.  I'm pretty pleased with the results for first attempts - I'm sure they will improve the more I do!

Here's Daisy's prototype pinned onto her new Mini Boden dress!
Made this one for my mum...

and this one for my nan...

and then remembered I had some cards in the cupboard that they would look nice attached to...

We're having a go at these on Thursday nights class, 7 -9 in the studio if anyone fancies it - as always though if you just fancy some crafty company you can bring your own project to work on!

 Thought I'd share this picture of Daisy making herself at home in the studio - I was busy working on wedding orders and she was busy building an online fashion empire!  Love how at home she feels here!

Right I am off to finish a batch of invitations, have an amazing day everyone.

Keep smiling,