Saturday, 5 June 2010

Words of Wisdom (Apparantly!)

Brilliant day at work today chatting to some lovely customers! I have shared some tips about how I use my paper stash a few times this week and customers seem to think it was helpful so I am going to share...let me know what you think!

TIP 1!
When you have bought your pack of patterned paper take one sheet of each design out of the pack and add to a seperate stash somewhere then have a working pile left that you know is never the last sheet of something and you will be much less precious with your papers and might actually use them instead of just stroking them! I use my seperate special stash of "last pieces" for my scrapbook and my "working pile" for card making and papercrafting.

TIP 2!
Take the front cover of your paper stack and write the price you paid for the stack on it, punch a hole in the top corner and store on a book ring...this will make it easier for you pricing any cards you make to sell accurately, and as the covers normal have a snapshot of each pattern on them, you will always have a record of the brand & range of paper for when you someone asks and you have inevitably forgoten!

Are these any help or are our customers just being nice? lol!

A couple of quick cards now...
And some fabric scrap wreaths I made using fencing wire, and old pillow case, and old pair of jeans and a little piece of gingham fabric...
Thanks for stopping by and looking and hopw this finds you smiling!
Take care

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Sheena said...

I was indeed one of the customers today that you passed these tips onto and I think they're fab! I am also following your fab blog!

PS - I do love the Gorguss graphics!

Sheena x