Friday, 4 June 2010

Do Crafts Goody Bag

Evening looks like I'm getting into a wee blogging routine now...hope I can keep up with making things to put on here! Mega busy day at work today but feel like I achieved LOADS which is always good. Busy evening with Daisy too so just really sitting down just now at 20 past ten...and it all starts again at half seven in the morning. It's weekends like this I really really kinda wish I drank coffee!

Here's some cards for today which I made with the "male" orientated goody bag from do crafts last promotion...loved these die cut decoupage in the kit.

This one is a stepper card, didnt come out too clearly in the pic and didn't think to take the picture from the side at the time! Doh! Sorry people!
The wee cutie in these cards just reminded me of something that happened last night...had my 18mth old nephew for a wee while and he's just learned his animal noises so we were going through them...cow, sheep, monkey, which were all fab, then he came to pig and he replied "nee naw nee naw nee naw" siren style! Hasn't done it before or since but was hysterical at time! Was kinda mortified though! A comedian at such a young age! He managed to mortify his mum in the supermarket too...sitting in trolley and someones phone rang - he put his phone up to his ear and shouted "hello, hello" at the top of his month! Ah toddlers! Such great fun!
Have a fab evening everyone, take care and keep smiling!

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