Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Slapped Wrist Apology :-D

Evening all - as the title would suggest I am going to begin with an apology...I got a row for my spelling, from my mum lol!  Mortified!  31 years old and mortified!  My spelling has always been pretty good however I do have a really bad habit of blogging late at night when I'm tired and never spell check, I will now though!  So I am being very very careful this evening!

Here are a couple of pictures of a special commission I received earlier last week.  It was for a baby card with the baby's name and date of birth - nothing unusual there, however the birth date of the baby was two days later than I received the order.  There could be a whole new market for psychic card making!  Of course the baby was due by scheduled c-section, but was still strange.  Was also totally paranoid about it because when Daisy was born we had chosen the name Abbie, but one look at her and I knew she was definitely Daisy.  As a result I made the card so that it could be changed quickly and easily.

The last picture is the inside, had some left over patterned papers so had to put them to good use!

Not only was the baby born, but so too was a big brother who needed a very special card as well.

The star embellishment on this are little mirrors - not the easiest to take pictures of!

In other news the new craft studio is just about totally set up now.  It has been a little bit of a roller coaster of a couple of weeks.  I have been so excited about the new space as it is such a major step, however the shine has been taken off it slightly with the loss of my job which happened very quickly after I signed my lease.  In my younger days I was the queen of making snap decision (I KNOW my Mum is having a chuckle to herself reading this!!!!).  I decided to leave school at 16 in the morning, went out and got a job in the afternoon, and my poor mum and dad came home from work to a school leaver rather than a higher student!  Pretty much the same thing happened a couple of years later when I decided on the Wednesday I was fed up and wanted to move away and by the Friday night I was on a bus to a brand new job and life in Brighton!  I have mellowed slightly in my older years and didn't take the decision of taking on a studio lightly, I had a plan, or so I thought!   My steady employment would be piece of mind, and for probably the first time ever I felt things were under control and actually felt settled (which is miraculous!!!).  I even double checked and triple checked and then asked again that everything was ok for my job before I signed the lease on the studio, then bam, my job was gone!  I am drowning in a sea of CV's and application forms at the moment (which I am trying very hard not to embellish with flower punches and sparkles!).  I have never been so stressed or worried in my life, which is silly because I know things happen for a reason and something will come up. 

Sorry I am rambling slightly however felt I should explain why I haven't been as bright and bubbly and full of the joys as I normally am!

And I feel a bit better for a ramble!

I will shut up now (and post this once I've spell checked!)

Night everyone, thank you so so much for reading, every one of you brightens my day!



Auntie L. said...

Night Night, love you loads!

Debbie said...

Fab cards, sorry to hear of the stresses you've been going through, as you say things happen for a reason so keep postitive!

Debbie x