Monday, 20 February 2012


 Before I start to tell you about all the changes here I just have to say that in the 3 months since I last blogged Blogger has totally changed so you have to bare with me until I suss it out!

Can't believe its been 3 months since I last blogged, I am so so sorry!  So much has happened.  Have moved house, had Christmas, Daisy has turned 9, been poorly, had a trip in an ambulance (very scary but all was well!), and have moved shop too!!!  I sometimes forget I am not actually super woman but a single parent working 2 jobs and running a house, and that it's ok to be knackered sometimes (well a good lot of the time but who is counting lol!)

Will try and catch up with pics of new house and studio and everything else over next few weeks but I am going to start with a couple of creations from my first full day in my new craft studio!

First - a fairy.  Not made one of these in ages

Also had a play with some beautiful papers for a commission card for a special birthday.  Genuinely cant remember where these papers came from which is a real shame because they are stunning!

This new photo placement thing is tricky so I am going to stop and check that this looks ok when it is published!

Hope you are all well and happy and smiling, and I will update again soon!

Take care everyone

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Anonymous said...

I like the gems on the cards-they make them really eye catching,