Monday, 22 June 2009

Like sand through the hour glass, so are the DAYS OF OR LIVES

Ok, I admit I love watching American Trash! I am embarassed to admit that 2 of the most watched Sky channels are Zone Romantica & Diva TV. I love that you can miss Days of Our Lives for 3 months and still know whats going on. Proper switch your brain off television.

This is all sounding a bit random but there is method to my mad ranting! This week is the last week of term...already! My daughters second year at school is coming to an end, and I'm not too sure when my baby grew up! Our primary school has a burn through the middle (yes, you read that right, a burn!!) so the passing from infant school to the upper primary school is marked by a crossing of the bridge and that bridge crossing has come all too soon for me, so indeed like sand through the hour glass...

With the end of term comes the obligatory making of teachers presents, feel like I only just got the Christmas ones out! I have to confess though we cheated a little then. Bought some fab big pretty jars filled with boiled sweets (in the shape of Christmas trees no less!) which we covered with some gorgeous pink rough fibre fabric stuff (LOL dire description but you will see, it's very hard to describe!), some big flowers, buttons and, of course, ribbon!

As for this terms pressies, Daisy has had her Detective's hat on and I have a list of favourite colours to work from so projects are a go and I'll upload the finished articles when they've been handed out (you never know who's blog hopping!)
Right, now where's that Sky remote...

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