Saturday, 3 March 2012


Evening all - and what an evening it has been!  Hopefully by now you will have noticed something different (and probably thought you were on the wrong blog!)  Had a wee oops moment tinkering with things I shouldn't have been and managed to delete my WHOLE blog layout! Talk about panic!  Daisy of course was cool, calm and collected and just said "well start again" so that's what I did, of course with the design Guru's help (any excuse not to have to go to bed!).  It's a bit different to before, hope you all like it!  Have added a follow me by email tag over on the right too so, in theory, if you sign up you should get my blog updates direct to your inbox!

Next thing, please don't laugh at my poor photography tonight - I will get used to photographing textiles!!!  This definitely is the way NOT to do it, but it will give you an idea tonight lol!  Since papercrafts are now pretty much my day job I decided I needed to do something else to switch off, and patchwork was top of the list!  Here's my very first ever quilt...

This one took me a good few months to finish off because I had never even used a sewing machine before but I am so pleased with the finished result!

So then a few weeks ago I took a notion to have a play with an Amy Butler fabric bundle, and here are the results.  This one is only the front at the moment and still needs backed and wadded but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours so much!  Think some bunting is on order with the offcuts!

Think my little sisters might have her eye on this one, and pretty sure she has a special birthday coming up so this could solve a present problem ;-)

So I know I said I'd have a 4 hour goody bag class extravaganza announcement to make tonight, but between housework, building Hogwarts & getting carried away reading the Chamber of Secrets, plus the impromptu blog design time has run away with me so will save that for another night!

Sweet dreams everyone, and happy creating!


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