Friday, 2 March 2012


Well I can't believe how relaxed I am this evening!  I have had a day at home today due to the gas man coming, and it has been bliss!!!  First time ever I was actually happy a tradesman was 3 hours late!  I pottered about, did loads of washing and just generally didn't stress!  My batteries feel well and truly recharged tonight - and they will be even more recharged shortly when I curl up with the latest issue of Sew Hip magazine which I got my hands on today.  Have had a quick glance through, and not sure which project I want to try first - I think possibly the cushions on the front cover!  Will get Daisy enlisted to help tomorrow I think!  Also had a read of an interview with the very inspirational Emma Castle, the face behind Bagladee (find her website at  Have had the pleasure of chatting with her via twitter and she is so lovely, super enthusiastic and helpful, a definite role model for those of us just starting to turn our hobby into a business!  I am inspired!  Have a look at her website, her bags are absolutely stunning!

I've got a custom card to share with you tonight that I made a few weeks ago for a 55th wedding anniversary.  55 YEARS!  I still can't get my head around that!  It's such a special achievement to be married so long, and they are a brilliant couple.  When Bob asked me to do this special card for his wife I chanced my arm and asked for a wedding picture, and am so so glad that I did.  A quick scan later and here are the finished results.  A very simple easel card with a vintage feel...

The ribbon is my newest Malaysian import and I just love it - if you come into the studio and stand still for long enough you may end up with some tied to you!

Right, I am off to read the rest of my mag in bed.Details of a kit class to come tomorrow (but if I forget please remind me!)

Night night all, sweet dreams

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