Sunday, 26 July 2009

Blubs & Bubs

Well, what a day today has lovely nephews christening finally arrived! The whole day was fab, Lewis was a wee star, Daisy a wee angel, there wasn't a dry eye in the house during the service and the weather was fab.........oh no, wait, took that a step too far, it poured down!!!! Here's the Little Experience donkey Daisy and I made for his pressie, was really pleased with it in the end. Was worth the work, and Daisy thoroughly enjoyed it!

Daisy took herself off to her room the other day and drew her beloved cousin a's him in his bouncer next to the sofa in my sisters living room, complete with rug, tv and bouncer details. What a memory, I couldn't have told you she had a rug let alone what colour it was!

Here's the gorgeous wee guest of honour himself...isn't he cute or am I just a biased Auntie?

And again with my beautiful sister and oh so grown up daughter...

And the cake. This was the top teir of Amy's wedding cake originally made by my nan redecorated just for the occassion...she's so clever, it looked (and tasted) fab! She did Lewis proud...

And the source of all my pain this evening...the oh so pretty shoes which I thought were a great idea but have absolutely crippled me...

they are pretty though!!!!!!!

The whole day couldn't have been more perfect really, everyone had a lovely time, there were emotional women, men talking about sports, an amazing lunch, and last but most definately not least, a gorgeous new family celebrating together almost exactly 2 years to the day since they got married in the same church and hotel (although secretly very jealous of how slim and stunning my baby sister looked!!) We made thank you favours but forgot to take a pic so will add that tomorrow!!!

Right bed for me, the emotion of the day has worn me out. Sweet dreams everyone xxx

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